So far as I know there has been no attempt to gather together the large number of digitized manuscripts that have been identified as dated or datable. This page is a preliminary attempt to do so. Arrangement is by country of origin (currently England, France, Germany, Italy, other/unlocalized and then by (earliest) date. My original intention was to include only manuscripts that have been fully digitized, but this would have made for a much shorter list. Manuscripts that have NOT been fully digitized are identified with an asterisk (*). The symbol † indicates that the link is to a digitized image of one of the catalogues of dated manuscripts.

Current coverage includes all relevant digitized manuscripts known to me in the following collections:

  • Cambridge, Corpus Christi College: information derived from P. R. Robinson, Catalogue of dated and datable manuscripts c.737-1600 in Cambridge libraries (Cambridge, 1988), and from Parker Library on the Web

  • Cambridge, Trinity College: information derived from P. R. Robinson, Catalogue of dated and datable manuscripts c.737-1600 in Cambridge libraries (Cambridge, 1988), and from the Wren Digital Library catalogue

  • London, British Library: manuscripts described as datable or dated and of English provenance in the British Library catalogue of illuminated manuscripts

  • London, Wellcome Library: information derived from P. R. Robinson, Catalogue of dated and datable manuscripts c.888-1600 in London libraries (London, 2003), and from the Wellcome Library catalogue of its digitized medieval manuscripts

  • Oxford, Balliol College: information derived from Andrew G. Watson, Catalogue of dated and datable manuscripts c. 435-1600 in Oxford libraries (Oxford, 1984)

  • Paris, BNF, MSS. Latin (coverage incomplete): information derived from Manuscrits datés (France) Index général

  • Bib. municipales of Rouen, Dijon, Charleville, Angers, Toulouse: information derived from Manuscrits datés (France) - Index général

  • dated manuscripts listed in Medieval Libraries of Great Britain 3

Given the collections, the emphasis is mainly on England and France.

Last updated 5 May 2018


Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 173, fols. 1-250891 (c.) - 0925 (c.)England (Winchester)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 1830934 x 0939England
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 173, fols. 26-320947 (c.) - 1002 (c.)England (Winchester)
Paris, BNF, lat. 9430960-1001England (Sherborne)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 473, fols. 9-1900984 (after)England (Winchester)
London, British Library, Add 348901012 x 1023England (Canterbury, Christ Church)
Cambridge, Trinity College, R.15.32 (945) , pp. 13-261035 or 1035England (Hyde)
Cambridge, Trinity College, B.11.2 (241) , fols. 113-211050 x 1072England (Exeter)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 190B, pp. 295-319, 351-641050 x 1072England (Exeter)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 1911050 x 1072England (Exeter)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 1961050 x 1072England (Exeter)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 201, pp. 179-2721050 x 1072England (Exeter)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 421, pp. 3-96, 209-241050 x 1072England (Exeter)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 422, pp. 27-5861061 (c.)England (Sherborne (?))
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 3911064 x 1069England (Worcester)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 270, fols. 2-162, 165-721091 x 1100England (Canterbury)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 146, pp. 1-60, 319-301096 x 1112England (Worcester)
Cambridge, Trinity College, O.7.41 (1360)1112 (after)England
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 3711113 (?) x 1130England (Canterbury)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 3931116 x 1135 (?)England (Ely)
Cambridge, Trinity College, R.7.28 (770) , pp. 1-741120 X 1140 (?)England (Bury St Edmunds)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 2, I1121 x 1138 (c.)England (Bury St Edmunds)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 2, II1121 x 1138 (c.)England (Bury St Edmunds)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 2, III1121 x 1138 (c.)England (Bury St Edmunds)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 4521122 x 1130England (Canterbury)
Cambridge, Trinity College, O.2.24 (1128)1124 (before)England (Rochester)
Cambridge, Trinity College, O.4.7 (1238)1124 (before)England (Rochester)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 3321124 (before)England (Rochester)
Cambridge, Trinity College, O.5.20 (1301), pp. 1-2651125 x 1143 (c.)England (Malmesbury)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 19, fols. 1-3331127 (c., before)England (Canterbury)
Cambridge, Trinity College, B.3.5 (84)1130 (before c.)England (Canterbury)
Cambridge, Trinity College, B.5.28 (174)1130 (before c.)England (Canterbury)
Cambridge, Trinity College, O.2.41 (1145)1144 (after)England (Ely)
Cambridge, Trinity College, R.17.1 (987)1145 x 1170England (Canterbury)
Cambridge, Trinity College, O.3.55 (1227)1153 (before)England (Durham)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 461159 x 1170England (Canterbury)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 1391164 x 1175England
Cambridge, Trinity College, O.2.1 (1105) , fols. 1-2401173 (after)England (Ely)
Cambridge, Trinity College, O.2.1. (1105) , fols. k1-141173 x 1189England (Ely)
*London, British Library, Harley 30381176England (Midlands (Shropshire))
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 2001184 (after)England (Canterbury)
Cambridge, Trinity College, R.14.9 (884), i (fols. 1r-10r)1188 x 1191England
*London, British Library, Harley 12291190 x 1202England (S. ( Waverly?))
*London, British Library, Royal 7 F iii1191-1192England
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 339, vol. I1192 x 1198England (Winchester)
*London, British Library, Royal 14 C II1199 - before 1202England
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 76, fols. 2-19, 22-41201 (?, before)England (London (?))
*London, British Library, Additional 142521206-1216England (S.E. (London))
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 313, vol. II1209 x 1216England
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 425, vol. I1209 x 1223England (Lincoln (?))
*London, British Library, Arundel 3031228 x 1234England (Central (Oxford?))
*London, British Library, Royal 9 B V1231England
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 16I1240 x 1259 (?)England (St Albans)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 16II1240 x 1259 (?)England (St Albans)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 261240 x 1259 (?)England (St Albans)
*London, British Library, Egerton 30881244 (c.)England (S. W. (Dore?))
*London, British Library, Royal 1 B XII1254England (S. (Salisbury))
*London, British Library, Harley 17081257 (c.)England (S. (Reading))
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 465, fols. 9-1591257 x 1265England (Norwich)
*London, British Library, Harley 5311272England
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 465, fols. 1-61278 x 1288England (Norwich)
London, British Library, Add 24686c. 1284-1316England (London or Westminster)
*London, British Library, Stowe 9411286England (S. E. (St Neots))
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 2971290 x 1307England (Thorney)
*London, British Library, Egerton 31421294 (c.)England
*London, British Library, Arundel 3101294 x 1310, with later additionsEngland
*London, British Library, Harley 36011295-1296 (c.)England (Barnwell)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 53, fols. 1-1881304 x 1321England
*London, British Library, Egerton 30411308 x 1309England
*London, British Library, Harley 2731314 x 1328England (S. W. (Ludlow)
*London, British Library, Harley 1731321 (c.)England
*London, British Library, Stowe 12 ff. 1-3541322 x 1325England (E. (Norwich))
*London, British Library, Additional 47680 ff. 1-76v1326 x 1327England (S. E. (London))
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 407, fols. 1-921331 x 1352England
*London, British Library, Arundel 571340England (S. E. (Canterbury))
Vatican, BAV, Ott. lat. 1811344England (London)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 241344 x 1348England
Cambridge, Trinity College, R.7.2 (740)1362-1366England (Malmesbury)
San Marino, Huntington Library, EL 7 H.81368England (Ashridge)
London, British Library, Royal 6 E vi/11360 x 1375England (London)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 7, fols. 102-1111380 x 1396England (St Albans)
*London, British Library, Burney 3101381England (Finchale)
*London, British Library, Royal 4 E ii1381England
*London, British Library, Harley 12611383 (c.)England
*London, British Library, Additional 106281383-1384 (c.)England (S.W.)
*Leiden, University Library, VUL 961390England (Abingdon)
*London, British Library, Arundel 3311392 (c.)England (S. E. (London?))
Cambridge, Peterhouse College, 75.i1393England (London)
*London, British Library, Harley 48551393 (c.)England
*London, British Library, Harley 4011396England
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 79, fols. 25-2861397 x 1413England
*London, British Library, Harley 40151402England (Central (Burton Lazars)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 7, fols. 69-911403 x 1422England (St Albans)
*London, British Library, Harley 29461405England (S. (London?))
Cambridge, Trinity College, R.15.21 (943) , fols. 1-771408England
*London, British Library, Lansdowne 4031408England (N. E. (York))
Cambridge, Trinity College, R.3.2 (581)1408 X 1426England (London or Westminster)
*London, British Library, Additional 434731413-1416England
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 51420 x 1440England (St Albans)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 61420 x 1440England (St Albans)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 79, fols. 13-201421 x 1435England
Cambridge, Trinity College, O.9.33 (1445)1424 (c.)England
*London, British Library, Lansdowne 4161425England (E. (Suffolk))
*London, British Library, Harley 4172 (ff. 1-63)1426England
Cambridge, Trinity College, B.15.11 (347) , fols. 49-541430England (Oxford)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 68, fols. 16-31, 121-341432England
*Manchester, John Rylands Library, Eng. 1091432England
*London, British Library, Harley 46051434England (S. E. (London))
*London, British Library, Harley 52331436 (c.)England
*London, British Library, Harley 6321438England
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 4081440 (?, c.) x 1447England (King's Lynn)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 232, fols. 1-111440 (c.)England (Cambridge)
Oxford, Balliol College, 2761442 (?)England (Oxford)
Oxford, Balliol College, 3151442 (c.)England (Oxford)
*London, British Library, Arundel 1091446England (S. E. (London?))
*London, British Library, Arundel 3961446 (c.)England (S. E. (Campsey))
*London, British Library, Harley 17361446 (c.)England
*London, British Library, Arundel 1301446 x 1461England
*London, British Library, Arundel 3271447England (S. E. (Cambridge))
Cambridge, Trinity College, B.15.12 (348)1448England
Durham, Cathedral Library, C.IV.22 fol. 89-1391449England
*London, British Library, Harley 54361451 and 1469England
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 123, vol. II1456England
Cambridge, Trinity College, R.14.5 (881)1457 X 1461England (Oxford)
*London, British Library, Royal 18 D II ff. 6-1621457-1460 (c.)England (S. E. ( London?))
Oxford, Balliol College, 2581460England
Oxford, Balliol College, 2021460-1465England (Oxford)
Oxford, Balliol College, 2031460-1466England (Oxford)
Oxford, Balliol College, 2041460-1467England (Oxford)
Oxford, Balliol College, 2051460-1468England (Oxford)
Oxford, Balliol College, 2061460-1469England (Oxford)
Oxford, Balliol College, 2091460-1470England (Oxford)
Oxford, Balliol College, 341461England (London)
London, Wellcome Library, 537, fols. 323-61462England
London, Wellcome Library, 401463 x 1481England
Cambridge, Trinity College, R.3.21 (601) , fols. 221-481471 X 1483England (London )
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 2101478-1480England
Cambridge, Trinity College, O.2.40 (1144)1482 - 1497England (Kirby Bellars)
*London, British Library, Royal 18 A XII1483 (c.)- c. 1485England (S. E. (London?))
*London, British Library, Sloane 7481487England
*London, British Library, Hargrave 2741488 or 1489England (S. E. (London))
*London, British Library, Arundel 661490England (S. E. (London))
Manchester, Chetham's Library, 67091490England
*London, British Library, Egerton 8481490 or 1491England (S. E. (London?))
Cambridge, Trinity College, B.15.18 (354)1499 (c.)England (Sheen)
Cambridge, Trinity College, B.2.7 (50) , fols. 1-1071549England
Cambridge, Trinity College, B.2.7 (50) , fols. 107-471575England


Paris, BNF, lat. 153040796-0806France (S.Denis)
Paris, BNF, lat. 153050796-0806France (S.Denis)
Paris, BNF, lat. 1520814 anteFrance (Lyon ?)
Paris, BNF, lat. 2660840-0851France (Tours, S.Martin)
Paris, BNF, lat. 10845-0851France (Tours, S.Martin)
Paris, BNF, lat. 28320848-0850France (Lyon ?)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 223, pp. 342-40877 (?, after)France
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 2720883 x 0884France (Reims)
Paris, BNF, lat. 12400931-0936France (Limoges, S.Martial)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 1920952France (Landévennec)
Paris, BNF, lat. 11180987-0996France (Limoges, S.Martial)
Paris, BNF, lat. 153921009France (Verdun)
*Rouen, Bibl. mun., 3101014-1028 ?France (Rouen, S.Madeleine)
Paris, BNF, lat. 8221029 anteFrance (Limoges, S.Martial)
Paris, BNF, lat. 11211029 ante ?France (Limoges, S.Martial)
Paris, BNF, lat. 9091029-1034France (Limoges, S.Martial)
Paris, BNF, lat. 117511030 x 1060France (Saint-Germain-des-Pres (?))
Paris, BNF, lat. 9091031 x 1052France (Dijon, Saint-Bénigne)
*Rouen, Bibl. mun., 2721033-1053France (Rouen ?)
*Rouen, Bibl. mun., 4891035-1066France (S.Evroult d'Ouche ?)
*Angers, Bibl. mun.1211052 caFrance (Angers, S.Nicolas)
Paris, BNF, lat. 3786 [240-3, 252-9]1058France (S.Maur des Fossés)
Cambridge, Trinity College, B.16.44 (405)1059 X 1070France (Bec)
*Angers, Bibl. mun.2831066-1083France (Angers, S.Serge)
*Angers, Bibl. mun.1871083-1093 ?France (Angers, S.Serge)
*Rouen, Bibl. mun., 321084-1097France (Jumièges, S.Pierre ?)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 4151095 x 1109France (Rouen (?))
Paris, BNF, lat. 19181107-1121France (S.Amand en Pévèle)
*Dijon, Bibl. mun. 121109France (Cîteaux, N.D.)
*Dijon, Bibl. mun. 131109France (Cîteaux, N.D.)
*Rouen, Bibl. mun., 1174 [116-139]1109-1110 caFrance (Rouen)
*Rouen, Bibl. mun., 11741113-1143France (Rouen)
Paris, BNF, lat. 18731114France (Landevieille)
Paris, BNF, lat. 120721134 x 1150France (Saint-Maur-des-Fosses)
Paris, BNF, lat. 20921136France (S.Amand en Pévèle ?)
Blois, BM, 1441140-1 (c)France (Pontlevoy, N.D.)
Paris, BNF, lat. 109131141 (c)France (Saint-Evroult)
*Rouen, Bibl. mun., 273 [1-35, 251-263]1143 anteFrance (Rouen)
†Paris, BNF, lat. 1663 (fols. 56-59)1148 (c.)France (Saint-Benoit-Sur-Loire)
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 26, t. I1148France (Belval, N.D.)
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 491148France (Signy, N.D. ?)
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 121149France (Belval, N.D.)
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 26, t. II1149France (Belval, N.D.)
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 254, t.31151France (Belval, N.D.)
†Paris, BNF, lat. 38531154 (c.)France (Saint-Amand en Pévèle (?))
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 246 B1156-1157France (Belval, N.D.)
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 21157France (Belval, N.D.)
Paris, BNF, lat. 115751164France (Corbie, S.Pierre)
Paris, BNF, lat. 115761164France (Corbie, S.Pierre)
Cambridge, Trinity College, B.3.11 (90)1164 X 1170France (Paris (?))
Cambridge, Trinity College, B.3.30 (109)1164 X 1170France (Paris (?))
Cambridge, Trinity College, B.5.5 (151)1164 X 1170France (Paris (?))
Cambridge, Trinity College, B.16.17 (391)1164 X 1170France (Pontigny (?))
Cambridge, Trinity College, R.4.4 (637)1164 X 1170France
Cambridge, Trinity College, B.3.12 (91)1164 X 1194 (?)France (Paris (?))
Cambridge, Trinity College, B.4.30 (144)1164 X 1194 (?)France (Paris (?))
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 246 D1165-1167France (Belval, N.D.)
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 2641170France (Belval, N.D.)
Cambridge, Trinity College, B.5.6 (with B.5.7) (152, 153)1170 (?) X 1177France (Paris)
Cambridge, Trinity College, B.5.7 (with B.5.6) (152, 153)1170 (?) X 1177France (Paris)
Cambridge, Trinity College, B.5.4 (150)1173 X 1177France (Paris )
*Rouen, Bibl. mun., 2401173 anteFrance (S.Wandrille)
Paris, BNF, lat. 115641174-1178France (Corbie, S.Pierre)
Paris, BNF, lat. 117001179France (Corbie, S.Pierre)
*Rouen, Bibl. mun., 931180 anteFrance (Jumièges, S.Pierre ?)
Paris, BNF, lat. 35491198-1207France (Limoges, S.Martial)
Paris, BNF, lat. 24061202France (Limoges, S.Martial)
†Paris, BNF, lat. 24281202 (c.)France (Limoges, S.Martial)
Paris, BNF, lat. 5051207 postFrance (Foucarmont, N.D.)
Paris, BNF, lat. 5101207 postFrance (Foucarmont, N.D.)
AVRANCHES, Bibl. mun., 2141210-1212France (Mont S.Michel)
Paris, BNF, lat. 162001213 France (Paris)
Paris, BNF, lat. 32371213-1224France (Limoges, S.Martial)
TROYES, Bibl. mun., 11581218 postFrance (Clairvaux, N.D.)
Cambridge, Trinity College, R.3.29 (609), fols. 2-271219France (Paris)
Cambrai, Bib. mun. 371224 x 1235France (Cambrai)
Cambrai, Bib. mun. 271225 x 1238France (Cambrai)
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 341232France (Belval, N.D.)
Cambrai, Bib. mun. 271235 x 1245France (Cambrai)
*Orléans, Bibl. mun. 251239France (S. Benoît sur Loire)
Paris, BNF, lat. 156521240-1245France (Paris)
*Rouen, Bibl. mun., 2761251-1256France (Rouen)
Paris, BNF, lat. 8301253 postFrance (Paris ?)
*Orléans, Bibl. mun. 3151256France (Sens, S.Pierre le Vif)
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 6091258-1263France (Toulouse ?)
Paris, BNF, lat. 11051265-1272France (Bec Helluin (Le), N.D.)
Paris, BNF, lat. 162971270 x 1273France (Paris)
*Angers, Bibl. mun.1231273France (Angers, S.Aubin)
Paris, BNF, lat. 151311289-1292France (S.Denis)
TROYES, Bibl. mun., 14021294-1299France (Clairvaux, N.D.)
Paris, BNF, lat. 158421297-1306France (Paris)
Paris, BNF, lat. 158441297-1306France (Paris)
TROYES, Bibl. mun., 19991298France (Clairvaux, N.D.)
Paris, BNF, lat. 45221301France (Lyon)
Paris, BNF, lat. 117961311France (Paris)
Paris, BNF, lat. 3651319France (Toulouse ?)
Paris, BNF, lat. 3751319France (Toulouse ?)
Paris, BNF, lat. 119351325France (Paris)
Paris, BNF, lat. 154501325France (Arras)
*Rouen, Bibl. mun., 2891326 caFrance (Fécamp, S.Trinité ?)
*Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 931331France (Avignon)
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 3331333France (Toulouse)
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 8061333France (Carcassonne ?)
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 7391334-1335France (P곯use)
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 161336-1337France (Belval, N.D.)
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 871344-1345France (Mont-Dieu, Chartreuse)
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 2441346France (Belval, N.D.)
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 891346-1348France (Mont-Dieu, Chartreuse)
Cambridge, Trinity College, O.9.35 (1447)1347France (Dangeau)
Paris, BNF, lat. 159761356-1357France (Paris)
Paris, BNF, lat. 159771356-1357France (Paris)
*Angers, Bibl. mun.2541361-1370 caFrance (Avignon ?)
Paris, BNF, lat. 10821364 caFrance (Paris ?)
*Dijon, Bibl. mun. 5251365-1362France (Paris)
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 1181379 caFrance (Mont-Dieu, Chartreuse)
Paris, BNF, lat. 49141381France (Marseille)
Paris, BNF, lat. 158401381France (Paris)
Paris, BNF, lat. 15173 [164-198]1385France (Paris)
London, Wellcome Library, 311390France (Paris)
Paris, BNF, lat. 154141396France (Montpellier)
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 2331397France (Mont-Dieu, Chartreuse)
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 63 [1-64]1399France (Valenciennes ?)
Paris, BNF, lat. 151051399-1402France (Dijon)
London, Wellcome Library, 151408France (Montpellier)
*Angers, Bibl. mun.1061410France (Angers, Toussaint)
Paris, BNF, lat. 158371410France (Paris)
*Angers, Bibl. mun.861410 caFrance (Angers, Toussaint)
Paris, BNF, lat. 15173 [84-163]1414France (Paris)
London, Wellcome Library, 7901415France (Evreux)
*Dijon, Bibl. mun. 7401415France (Dijon)
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 2411417France (Toulouse)
Paris, BNF, lat. 14891429France (Bazas)
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 7471437France (Toulouse)
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 1141445-1448 caFrance (Signy, N.D.)
*Angers, Bibl. mun.1411447France (Angers)
Paris, BNF, lat. 18651453France (Blois)
Paris, BNF, lat. 157881456France (Paris)
*Angers, Bibl. mun.2301457France (Angers)
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 3931457France (Toulouse)
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 2141465France (Paris)
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 8031465France (Paris)
*Rouen, Bibl. mun., 7721465-1472France (Rouen)
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 63 [77-88]1466France (Abbeville, Val S.Honoré)
Paris, BNF, lat. 158561467France (Paris)
*Rouen, Bibl. mun., 11511471France (S.Evroult d'Ouche)
Paris, BNF, lat. 158581474France (Paris)
Paris, BNF, lat. 153901477France (Paris)
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 2351479France (Mont-Dieu, Chartreuse)
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 1481480France (Mont-Dieu, Chartreuse)
Paris, BNF, lat. 13051482France (S.Flour)
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 581490France (Mont-Dieu, Chartreuse)
Paris, BNF, lat. 151591490France (Paris)
*Angers, Bibl. mun.3431493-1494 caFrance (Angers)
Paris, BNF, lat. 983 A1502France (Clairvaux, N.D.)
Paris, BNF, lat. 11241544France (Paris, S.Martin des Champs)
Paris, BNF, lat. 6771544 postFrance (Rodez)


Paris, BNF, lat. 37901138Italy (north)
Paris, BNF, lat. 54111182 (c.)Italy (Abruzzo, San Clemente a Casauria)
*TOURS, Bibl. mun., 11223-1224Italy (Novara)
Paris, BNF, lat. 154531243Italy (Milan)
Paris, BNF, lat. 6061286Italy (Foggia)
Paris, BNF, lat. 48951331Italy (Milan)
London, Wellcome Library, 191332, 1335Italy (Vicenza)
Paris, BNF, lat. 4162 A1362Italy (Urbania)
London, Wellcome Library, 5561430Italy (Venice)
London, Wellcome Library, 780, fols. 1-621430Italy (Padua)
Oxford, Balliol College, 248E1445Italy (Florence)
Oxford, Balliol College, 1541447Italy (Florence)
Oxford, Balliol College, 248B1447Italy (Florence)
Oxford, Balliol College, 78B1448Italy (Florence)
London, Wellcome Library, 558, fols. 1-481449Italy
London, Wellcome Library, 5201453Italy (Ferrara)
London, Wellcome Library, 7231456Italy
London, Wellcome Library, 17 + 7811462-3Italy (Padua and Asolo)
Cambridge, Trinity College, R.4.9 (642)1464Italy (Soncino)
London, Wellcome Library, 5911469Italy (Florence)
London, Wellcome Library, 6161470Italy (Friuli)
London, Wellcome Library, 1871474Italy (Verona)
London, Wellcome Library, 458, fols. 61-741478Italy
London, Wellcome Library, 1281487Italy (Ferrara)
Paris, BNF, lat. 4951489Italy (Naples)
Paris, BNF, lat. 17671489Italy (Florence)
Paris, BNF, lat. 6741489-1492Italy (Naples)
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 4921508Italy (Rome)
Paris, BNF, lat. 7051539Italy (Naples)


Paris, BNF, lat. 24230844 caGermany (Fulda)
Paris, BNF, lat. 89121051 x 1081Germany (Echternach)
Paris, BNF, lat. 89601051 x 1081Germany (Echternach)
Paris, BNF, lat. 95681051 x 1081Germany (Echternach)
Paris, BNF, lat. 96661051 x 1081Germany (Echternach)
Paris, BNF, lat. 101581059 (ante)Germany (Echternach)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 3731114 x 1125Germany
Paris, BNF, lat. 9461167 x 1183Germany (Mainz (?))
London, Wellcome Library, 111374Germany
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 521, fols. 55-1751388Germany
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 510, fols. 1-331398Germany (Marienfeld (?))
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 530, fols. 121-641398Germany
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 509, fols. 1-1541403Germany
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 524, fols. 1-691404Germany
Oxford, Balliol College, 2741409Germany
London, Wellcome Library, 4911418Germany (Wasserbury)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 521, fols. 2-521424-1425Germany
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 526, fols. 279-3051431Germany
Oxford, Balliol College, 78A1442Germany (Cologne)
London, Wellcome Library, 2021443Germany
Oxford, Balliol College, 67A1444Germany (Cologne (?))
Oxford, Balliol College, 224B1444Germany (Cologne (?))
London, Wellcome Library, 12, fols. 34-981450Germany
London, Wellcome Library, 441, fols. 11-611454Germany (Braunau)
London, Wellcome Library, 551472-1474Germany (Leipzig)
London, Wellcome Library, 56, fols. 335-3611478Germany (Meissen)
London, Wellcome Library, 505, fols. 1-241479Germany
London, Wellcome Library, 505, fols. 25-721487Germany
London, Wellcome Library, 1061494Germany

Other or unlocalized

Paris, BNF, lat. 117100804-0805
Paris, BNF, lat. 115040821-0822
Paris, BNF, lat. 115050821-0822
Paris, BNF, lat. 5280826 ?
Paris, BNF, lat. 23410843 ca ?
Paris, BNF, lat. 115320855-0869
Paris, BNF, lat. 115330855-0869
Paris, BNF, lat. 20865-0877
Paris, BNF, lat. 21130988 ca ?
*Rouen, Bibl. mun., 14091078-1095
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 1991085 x 1091Wales (Llanbadarn Fawr)
*Evreux, Bibl. mun., 60 L1093 ?
London, British Library, Add 281061093-1097Netherlands (Stavelot)
*Rouen, Bibl. mun., 31 [9-48]1113-1143
Paris, BNF, lat. 37901138
London, British Library,Add. 147881148Netherlands (Parc Abbey)
Paris, BNF, lat. 143141152 (c.)
†Paris, BNF, lat. 148021153
Angers, Bibl. mun.3021153-1174 ?
London, British Library,Add. 14788c. 1155-1170Belgium (Floreffe)
Oxford, Balliol College, 361166 (before)France (?)
Paris, BNF, lat. 9461167-1183
*Rouen, Bibl. mun., 3111173 ante
Paris, BNF, lat. 48941185-1191
Cambridge, Trinity College, O.3.22 (1194)1195 (before)
*Angers, Bibl. mun.3121216-1217 ca
Paris, BNF, lat. 4201220 ante
*Angers, Bibl. mun.71225
Paris, BNF, lat. 3631230-1250
*Rouen, Bibl. mun., 2771231-1245 ca
Paris, BNF, lat. 154191237
*Angers, Bibl. mun.2251250-1251
Paris, BNF, lat. 10231253-1296
*TOURS, Bibl. mun., 6541255
Paris, BNF, lat. 117281264
Paris, BNF, lat. 44271269
Paris, BNF, lat. 151331270
Paris, BNF, lat. 151431270
Paris, BNF, lat. 154671270
TROYES, Bibl. mun., 24031279
TROYES, Bibl. mun., 24021281
Paris, BNF, lat. 4781286
*TROYES, Bibl. mun., 7921287
Paris, BNF, lat. 151581289
*Rouen, Bibl. mun., 7661289-1290
*Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 1851291-1293
*Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 1541293
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 1571294
*Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 1891294
Paris, BNF, lat. 150351294
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 1781295
Paris, BNF, lat. 158451297-1306
*Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 1881298
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 441299
*Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 2041300
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 941303
Paris, BNF, lat. 111321307
Paris, BNF, lat. 15255 [36-90]1308
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 1221309
Paris, BNF, lat. 49831313-1320
Paris, BNF, lat. 49861315-1317
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 2431323
*Angers, Bibl. mun.2111323 ca
Paris, BNF, lat. 153721328
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 91329
*Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 4801329-1331
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 4811329-1331
*London, British Library, Additional 629291341-1348France or England
Paris, BNF, lat. 15951342
Paris, BNF, lat. 10521347-1380
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 1871349
Paris, BNF, lat. 10241356 post
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 911362
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 841370
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 2241371
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 518, fols. 1-431376Czech Republic (Prague)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 504, vol. II1378Czech Republic (Prague )
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 571379-1383
Paris, BNF, lat. 41691380
Paris, BNF, lat. 117451381 (Medina del Campo)
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 261384
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 391384
Paris, BNF, lat. 15173 [12-50]1390
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 506, fols. 1-1481393Czech Republic (Prague )
Paris, BNF, lat. 8481394 ante
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 5271395Czech Republic (Prague)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 5381397Czech Republic (Prague)
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 3171401
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 2191405
Paris, BNF, lat. 9191409
Paris, BNF, lat. 4321416
Paris, BNF, lat. 113191420
Paris, BNF, lat. 113861422
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 8881424
Paris, BNF, lat. 151451430
Oxford, Balliol College, 311432
Paris, BNF, lat. 115881441Netherlands (Hulsbergen bij Hatten)
London, Wellcome Library, 120, fols. 5-168, 171-2381442Germany, S., or Austria
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 7621442
*Angers, Bibl. mun.571444 ?
Oxford, Balliol College, 238B1445-1448Germany & Italy (Cologne & Rome)
Paris, BNF, lat. 151621456
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 751457
London, Wellcome Library, 167, fols.1-111 and 164-2531464 and 1470-4Italy and France (Padua and Strasbourg)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 3961465England or Wales
Paris, BNF, lat. 20301466
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 8941466
Paris, BNF, lat. 4171466 ante
Paris, BNF, lat. 4791466 ante
Paris, BNF, lat. 150641467
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 4171467 (additions 1469-72)
Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 458, fols. 103-221467-1468
*Dijon, Bibl. mun. 1211468
Paris, BNF, lat. 158551468
Paris, BNF, lat. 9201469-1489
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 4911470 (Aguernos, N.D.)
London, Wellcome Library, 6, fols. 1-121471Low Countries
Paris, BNF, lat. 7231471
Paris, BNF, lat. 111381471
Paris, BNF, lat. 24541472
Charleville, Bibl. mun. 2151472
Paris, BNF, lat. 9611473-1492
Paris, BNF, lat. 7711475
Paris, BNF, lat. 11791475
Paris, BNF, lat. 10501478-1479
Paris, BNF, lat. 23681480
Paris, BNF, lat. 28851481
Paris, BNF, lat. 12911482
*Rouen, Bibl. mun., 10451482 ante
*Angers, Bibl. mun.1191482 ca
Paris, BNF, lat. 7741483-1498
Paris, BNF, lat. 113471485
*Angers, Bibl. mun.1311486
Toulouse, Bibl. mun. 7481487
London, Wellcome Library, 349, fols. 1-231488Germany or Low Countries
*Rouen, Bibl. mun., 3821491 ca
Cambridge, Trinity College, B.2.24 (67)1492Netherlands (Doesburg)
Paris, BNF, lat. 9381498-1510
Paris, BNF, lat. 20701501
Paris, BNF, lat. 9021502
Cambridge, Trinity College, R.9.26 (827) , fols.3-261503Belgium (Louvain)
Cambridge, Trinity College, O.9.31 (1443)1505-7Netherlands
Paris, BNF, lat. 9061524 ante
Paris, BNF, lat. 9071531
Paris, BNF, lat. 4341542-1547
London, Wellcome Library, 5161584 etc.
Paris, BNF, lat. 2443841-857
Paris, BNF, lat. 1152845-869 ca
Paris, BNF, lat. 2855951 caSpain (Albelda (Pampelune))